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Welcome to our new campaign, Lost in Space and Time.

I’ll try to put updates after each session or as information warrants it.

I encourage you to add your characters to the character page.

Adventure Logs will earn extra bennies.

Just a reminder for character creation:

-We are doing skill specializations with skill benefits for related skills (ex. if you have a d8 in rifles, you get an automatic d6 in small arms).
-Weird science is allowed, but any gadgets must be approved and generally explainable.
-Psionics are allowed, but will provoke some suspicion from some other colonists as they have developed since arrival.
-Human only. If death occurs, we can discuss other options.
-When choosing gear, you have access to most of the book. However, weight limits need to be adhered to. You really can’t be a low strength character carrying 300 lbs of gear.
-It behooves everyone to have at least a little weapon proficiency. You had no idea what the predators on your future home would be like or who would survive (or go crazy).

History: Earth: The World You Knew

Current situation: A New Home

Home Page

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