A New Home

You were secured in your stasis pod and safely in a cryogenic state when the engines roared to life. The next thing you remember was the gentle warmth of the waking cycle. The pod door opened and you found the ship landed, landed very hard. Many systems had been damaged, though thankfully none of the cryogenic pods. Readouts stated the planet was similar to Earth, in the “Goldilocks” zone and had liquid water, flora and fauna, and a breathable atmosphere. Engines had been damaged in the landing and a quick assessment of the communications revealed that transmissions stopped shortly after leaving Earth. The outside hull had taken a lot of small debris damage and the communications relays had been stripped early on.

The landscape around you was covered in a giant forest. Tall trees, thick undergrowth. Water was flowing nearby. The ship was salvageable but no longer truly space-worthy and you had no way of escaping the gravity of this new planet, your new home.

Salvage operations began, teams set up large camps in clearings. Other teams began analyzing the plants and animals for determination of poisons. A small amount of food and water had been included for the initial setup.

It’s been 3 years since that day when the ship landed on this planet. The first winter brought a couple of deaths. The next summer saw a couple of births. Most plant and animal life has been found to be edible, with a few exceptions. Water is still cleansed prior to ingesting. A thriving village has emerged. Some trees were felled for expansion and to decrease the appearance of monkey-like creatures.

A few colonists, considered freaks for strange abilities that spawned after landing, have segregated themselves in an outpost on a hill. Strange blue light surrounds their hands when they are very emotional and they have been known to move things with their minds. An injury borne of this high emotional outburst created a distance between the two groups of colonists.

A New Home

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